Rules and conditions of PayBox's lottery

Deadline for collecting Promotional Lottery Tickets:

December 31, 2023.

Time, Procedure and Venue of Promotional Lottery:

January 14, 2024, 09:00 pm;

Live broadcast (live) through PayBox's Social Media pages (Facebook; YouTube).

Lottery Description

To take part in the promotional lottery, you must collect tickets in your individual "Cabinet" of instant payment terminals PayBox that is managed by JSC OPPA. Upon logging into the "PayBox Cabinet" or registering for the Cabinet during the period of promotional lottery and subsequently entering a phone number in the "Cabinet profile”, you are automatically taking part in the promotional lottery.

To be eligible for the promotional lottery, you must meet the essential requirement of having a complete "Cabinet profile" and having added a phone number to your "Cabinet profile."

The lottery ticket is digital and is collected in the "Cabinet profile". Upon adding each ticket, the user will receive an SMS notification from PayBox to the phone number provided in the "Cabinet profile," along with details about the total number of accumulated tickets.

Criteria for collecting lottery tickets

For every 10 GEL paid for any service through the PayBox instant payment terminal "Cabinet profile", you will earn 1 lottery ticket.

2.     If the customers do not have a "Cabinet" at the start of the lottery, they will receive 10 lottery tickets upon registration. The tickets accumulated in the user’s "Cabinet profile" will be associated with the phone number provided.

3.    Following each login to the "Cabinet profile," the user will be granted 1 ticket, with a maximum limit of one ticket per 24 hours. This implies that the registered user can visit the PayBox instant payment terminal daily, access their personal Cabinet, and obtain 1 ticket without making any service payments.

By the end of December 31, 2023, an automated program will sum up the total number of tickets accumulated by all users, determining the quantity of tickets to be printed for each individual user. Considering the lottery's goals and anticipated outcomes, the total number of printed tickets will be 500 000, and each ticket will be given a unique number, including the numbering from 000 001 to 500 000. During the lottery, the number of printed tickets will be adjusted to the number of tickets required for the full period of the lottery. In case of increasing the number of tickets, the organizer will adhere to the rule provided for by the Georgian legislation to notify LEPL "Revenue Service" accordingly.

The tickets shall be produced in strict accordance with the provisions outlined in Article 12 of the Law on Lotteries, Gambling, and Profitable Games in Georgia. Additionally, the following information will be affixed to each ticket:

·        User phone number;

·        Ticket unique Number (including numeration from 000 001 to 500 000);

·        Details of JSC "Oppa";

·        Lottery permit number;

·        Period of accumulation of tickets;

·        Date of lottery

The printed tickets will have distinctive protective coatings.


Lottery Process Overview

The lottery is scheduled to take place on January 14, 2024, at 9:00 PM, and will be broadcast live via PayBox's official Facebook and YouTube channels.

The printed tickets will be placed in the pool before starting the lottery, and the winner(s) will be determined through a random selection process. The process of determining the winner(s) through a random selection method entails that the representative of JSC "Oppa", who, in this instance, acts as the lottery host/presenter, will rotate the lottery drum and withdraw only one ticket per each time. After the ticket was withdrawn, the presenter, in live broadcast, shows the viewer the phone number on the ticket, without the last three digits and calls to the corresponding number.

If three (3) consecutive attempts to reach the customer are unsuccessful, the ticket will be deemed void, and a new ticket will be drawn from the lottery drum.

Unsuccessful connection means if three (3) consecutive call attempts are resulting in the following:

·        None of the attempts were successful.

·        The telephone number was unreachable;

·        The call was completed, but there was no response from the recipient.

·        The call was connected, but during the call, it was abruptly terminated by the recipient.

Regardless of the number of tickets in possession, the user will become only the single prize holder. If, after winning once, the ticket with the winner's phone number is selected again, it will be nullified, and another ticket from the pool will be drawn in its place.

The lottery will have 4 winners; the total prize fund is 60 000 GEL, which will be distributed in 4 prizes:

1st Prize - 10 000 GEL;

2nd Prize - 10 000 GEL;

3rd Prize - 10 000 GEL;

4th Prize - 30 000 GEL.

The amounts indicated in the prize fund include all taxes/fees envisaged by the Georgian legislation.

To adhere to the lottery regulations and ensure the authenticity of tickets drawn from the drum, a gambling commission consisting of a minimum two (2) persons will monitor the process. Once the lottery is complete, an official protocol of the gambling commission will be drafted, and this document will be signed by all members of the commission in attendance.

Prize Distribution and Claim Review

The distribution of prizes will be executed within a period of 30 (thirty) calendar days following the lottery date, either in cash or non-cash settlement. Prizes will be distributed within 6 days after the announcement of the winner. Prizes will be issued at the head office of JSC “OPPA”: 0160, Tbilisi, 15, Al. Kazbegi Ave., B block, 3-rd Floor.

To obtain the prize, the winner shall submit:

ID card or passport;

Bank details, in case of non-cash settlement.

Upon receiving the prize, and with the prior written consent of the winners, the organizer/JSC OPPA, is entitled to utilize photo and video materials featuring the winners for advertising purposes, across all media and social channels.

Participants are prohibited from taking part in the lottery if they have an employment contract with JSC "OPPA" or its affiliated companies (Tess Tech Solution Ltd and Asterbit Ltd).

In case of any claim from users, they are required to formally submit their complaint to the specified email address:, within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the lottery.
In the formal claim letter, in addition to outlining the details of the claim, the claimant must provide their personal identification number and the telephone number associated with their participation in the lottery.  Claims will be reviewed by the company's legal, marketing, financial, and executive management departments within a period not exceeding five (5) working days from the date of submission. A person submitting the claim will be informed of the decision no later than ten (10) working days from the submission of the claim, in the form of an e-mail in response to the received claim.

In case of no-show of the winner within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the lottery, the Company reserves the right not to issue a prize and disregard any claims.


** Results of the lottery planned for January 14, 2024 and winners’ details, including incomplete phone numbers and full names, will be publicly disclosed on January 15, 2024, through PayBox's official Facebook page and website:

Users will be provided with information regarding the rules and terms of the lottery directly in the PayBox instant payment terminals (accessible in the Cabinet- under the "Terms and Conditions" section), via PayBox's official social media channels, and website of JSC OPPA: 

For further details regarding the lottery, users shall contact PayBox hotline:  032 220 30 00.


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